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Please demand the Department of Justice investigate the Missouri Highway Patrol,
specifically in regards to the death investigation of Brandon Ellingson, an Iowa citizen, while in their custody.

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Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns.
~Author Unknown

Brandon was a really special person. He had an infectious laugh and a love of life, and no matter who you were he made you feel like you were his best friend. When Brandon was in high school, our home was a gathering place for all kinds of kids -- older, younger, different schools, different sports. They all came to hang out with Brandon. That's who he was. He brought people together.

And now, people are coming together for Brandon again.

~Sherry Ellingson, Brandon's Mom
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So proud of my son Josh, who while was not a close friend of Brandon's, has been deeply impacted emotionally simply by association in how closely our family has been immersed in finding justice for Brandon. So, this one's for you, Sherry!

Today, Josh called me to tell me a random, funny thing that happened to him. He was walking home from class at Iowa State to his apartment and heard crying out ''help me! help me!'' from the parking lot. It was blizzard - white out conditions, so he couldn't see where it was coming from... so took awhile to find the person by following her voice. He found another student, on the ground between cars, unable to get up. She had fallen and injured her ankle. She also lived in the apartments close by, so he offered to assist her to her apartment. He first tried holding her up, arm over his shoulders, but it wasn't working. So, and I am not surprised, he resorted to offering a total stranger a piggy back ride through the blizzard carrying her and both their backpacks, to her apartment.

He didn't stop there.... He assessed the injury and saw that it was extremely swollen, advising her that she really should get an x-ray in case it was broken. He didn't hesitate in offering her a ride to the ER.

He waited while she phoned her family, and left on her insistence that she was good to go from there.

It is no surprise that Josh would take it upon himself to help someone in such a situation. It humors me that he saw it as a funny thing... I reminded him that what just happened was a Brandon Ellingson Pay it Forward moment. And, that I have no doubt that there will come a time when he finds himself in a hopeless situation, and someone will be there for him as well.

I also told him these are moments of fate and he may have just met his future wife. ''Yeah mom, she's not my type.'' :)

Most importantly, his random act of kindness is something she and her family will remember, and will no doubt pay forward to others. Keep the kindness and Brandon's spirit alive!

~ Michelle Henaman - West Des Moines, IA

Though I haven't used the card yet to pay it forward, I taped up the card at work. I work in hospice, it's a very upsetting job at times. It gets better the minute I see his face when I sit down at the nurses station. That smile reminds me to smile and be the caring person Brandon was.

~ Alexis Caluzzi - Wauker, IA

I have a wonderful Pay It Forward story for you. This summer I was driving down a road near the Ellingson's house and one I travel daily. The road was being repaved and it was a particularly hot day. There were several crews there standing around. I saw one worker wiping his head and face with a towel. As I drove through I thought, ''wow, wouldn't a Popsicle be great right now?''. So, I drove to the store, bought two bags of Popsicles (the good ones, of course) and drove back. I gave the Brandon card to them, told them about Brandon, and handed out the Popsicles. As you can imagine, they were well received. It was awesome. But, the best part was driving away, looking in my rear view mirror and seeing them all eating their treat. That was priceless. I know Brandon was laughing and pleased.

~ Ronda Bern - Clive, IA

Sherry, We were fortunate to meet you at the PHX Airport and were the recipient of your ''pay it forward'' as a tribute to your son. We will continue that tradition during our stay and encourage others to sign the Petition. What a great way to share Brandon's spirit with others!

~ Rick Fleener - Ankeny, ia

I was at the grocery store and saw a young gal in a hurry with just a few items wanting to check out & she was behind me (I had a full cart, & by the way was the shortest line). I could tell she was not only in a hurry but perhaps having a bad day, so I told her to go ahead of me in line and also asked the cashier to just add her items on to my groceries so she could leave. The gal started crying and said ''Thank you, here is $20'' I said ''oh no it's on me'' , & handed her Brandon's card and then said ''Hope your day gets better''. The gal read the card and hugged me & said, ''it just did!'' Since then I have taken the time to make an effort to ''Pay It Forward'' whenever I see the opportunity as you never know what someone else is dealing with nor does it matter if you can help them out! :) !

~ Tina Cowley - Urbandale, IA

Brandon's father, Craig Ellingson, was a former boss of mine. Our children are the same age...we were, and will forever remain.. family. Ohana means family...and family means NOBODY gets left behind. I have witnessed too many tragic endings of young peoples lives recently to not see that this is my only way to say ''I am so sorry...I was unable to help you then...PLEASE let me help you NOW! Justice needs to be served...the future of all our children's lives depend on this. Do the RIGHT thing and pay this one forward...XOXOXO Mama Kim

~ Kim Klein - Story City, Iowa